What is an Electric Dog Fence?

An Electric Dog Fence? What’s that?

An Electric Dog Fence are all the rage now (especially in the Hudson Valley), and everyone wants to get them for their pet. There are so many different benefits to getting an electric dog fence that it almost seems obvious. If you have a home that does not have a fence around it or you do not want to block your beautiful view, or maybe your home is situated on a great expanse of land, then you might desire a way to keep your dog more secure. Electric Dog Fence can protect your pet from oncoming traffic and any danger that is associated with that, as well as protect other individuals outside your fence boundaries from being injured by your sometimes overzealous pet.  Hudson Valley Dog Fences can help – just give us a call today.

What is an electric dog fence?

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Are Electric Dog Fences Harmful?

Having an Electric Dog Fence is not harmful to your pet. It is an easy way to keep your dog safe, even when you are not watching. It requires that your dog wears a special collar which transmits a radio signal when it nears the boundary or pre-set perimeter that you have placed around your yard. Your dog gets a warning message as he gets closer to the periphery. It then sends a trigger that gently stimulates your pet to encourage him to stay within the boundaries. This stimulation is adjustable, and you have full control of that. The Electric Dog Fence is also expandable for more than one dog. What you will need is to get an additional collar for each dog and link them to your system. At Hudson Valley Dog Fences, we can assist you with your electronic dog collar.

How does an Electric Dog Fence Work?

The Electric Dog Fence is a straightforward system. You can get it as either a wired or wireless structure. Should you choose the wired system, it would require that you dig a hole around the perimeter of your property and install the cables underground. If you desire to have a wireless system, then you would not have to worry about underground cables. You would just center the transmitter in your desired area and allow it to reach the preset radius. You can get  from a half acre to many, many, acres, depending on what method you select. Another benefit of the Wireless Electric Dog Fence is that it is portable. You can take the system with you to any location, and it will set up quick and easy. Hudson Valley Dog Fence can help you choose the right one.

Electric Dog Fence systems come with information on how to use it effectively so that you and your pet receive the maximum benefits of having the structure. The Electric Dog Fence sometimes comes with rechargeable batteries that are long-lasting and a receiver unit which is waterproof. The Electric Fence is available in many different price ranges, but, we are sure that we will locate one that suits all your requirements and fits well within your budget.

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To Summarize about Electric Dog Fences

How do you show your Hudson Valley pets how much you love them? Not only by providing provisions and sanctuary,  whether they are inside the house or outside in the yard, the way they keep you safe. For many years to come you will feel good knowing that you did you best for your pet with the added security of an Electric Dog Fence system.

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